What is 2PCom.sk?

Unique reservation system for ordering transport services not only in Bratislava but also throughout Slovakia and neighboring countries (note: The vehicle always comes from Bratislava).

However, what is its uniqueness? Moves from reservations via phones, emails or fax to order via a fast, simple mobile app.

Who is 2PCom.sk for?

Web and mobile application 2PCom.sk is intended primarily for corporate clients who organize business trips (trips) both in Slovakia and abroad.

Which suppliers do 2PCom.sk work with?

As representatives of 2PCom.sk, we place the emphasis on quality, safety and reliability when selecting suppliers. All suppliers must comply with statutory road transport obligations, in particular the Road Traffic Act 56/2012 Coll . which refers, for example, to the status of vehicles meeting the conditions for the implementation of a taxi service. .

What are the vehicles for 2PCom.sk?

Vehicles driving for 2PCom.sk are cars of the middle and upper class. Such vehicles include the Mercedes Benz Class E with BUSINESS, the Mercedes Benz Class S with the FIRST CLASS designation, or the Mercedes-Benz Viano minibus class with the BUSINESS VAN designation.

How can I place an order via 2PCom.sk?

An order can be made in two ways:

  • Through a mobile application supported by Andriod and IOS operating systems.
  • Through the 2pcom.sk website, fill out the form at the beginning of the page.
How do I make a payment and what payment methods can I use?

You can make a payment in two ways.

  • Directly to the driver after providing a cash or credit card service (VISA, Maestro, American Express and others)
  • Invoice in advance (note: Exclusively contracted client)
How is the communication between the customer and the shipping service provider in the 2PCom.sk reservation system?

The customer (client) creates an order that can be updated as needed. Each order, as well as updated updates, are sent to the supply company and subsequently to the driver.

Is it possible to change or cancel the order in 2PCom.sk?

Yes. You can update your order (change individual details) or cancel directly in your account on the 2PCom.sk reservation system.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

If you are a shipping service provider or a shipping company and you are interested in working with us, please contact us at 2pcom@2pcom.sk.